The StapStep Lite is the entry-level model of StapStep. The electric scooter has a range of 20 kilometers and a top speed of no less than 25 kilometers per hour. This combination ensures that you can move quickly and comfortably from A to B.

The electric StapStep can be connected to your smartphone. This allows you to lock your scooter and you can view all step performance. The battery capacity and speed can be read via the razor-sharp real-time display.

Because the StapStep is compact and lightweight, the scooter can easily be taken in the car or in public transport. The sleek design and sporty design make this a real eye-catcher on the public road!

In addition, great attention has been paid to the quality of the scooter. There has been endless testing to achieve the perfect result. The result is a scooter that will meet your expectations!