Welcome to StapStep!
As you may have already heard, the electric scooter is a huge hype all over the world, except in our country. It is not allowed and even punishable to drive the electric scooter on the public road. StapStep makes electric scooters possible! By using electric scooters, with assistance, you can legally drive on public roads.

There are about 167,000 electric scooters on the road in the Netherlands, StapStep researched on the basis of research among thousands of Dutch people. That seems like a considerable number, because in many cases it is not allowed to drive on public roads with the scooters. The government has not yet given permission for this. Nevertheless, the device is becoming increasingly popular. According to the researchers, about 72,000 people would like to buy an electric scooter before the end of the year.

What is a StapStep?

A StapStep is an electric scooter with step support. This electric scooter is legal, because you have to scooter yourself to get support. By means of high-tech sensors, the scooter recognizes that it is being stepped and the motor does its work for a few seconds. Then the motor weakens and another "kick" has to be given. The StapStep does not have to be inspected by the RDW, it can drive on the sidewalk and is therefore extremely useful for moving quickly through the city, for example.