Alles wat je wil weten over StapStep, Stepondersteuning en Legaal rijden op de openbare weg.  

Bekijk nieuws en informatie over StapStep.

Alles over ons product

Proefrijden op de StapStep? Dat kan bij onze verkooppunten!

Test drive the StapStep? You can do that at our points of sale!

Are you curious about scooters with step support and would you like...
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Hoeveel kosten bespaart de StapStep in vergelijking met een scooter?

How much cost does the StapStep save compared to a scooter?

The StapStep is an electric step and is a sustainable way to...
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Hoe werkt de StapStep?

How does the StepStep work?

The StapStep Lite is an electric scooter like no other and that...
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Wat te doen bij een aanhouding met de StapStep?

What to do in the event of an arrest with the StapStep?

Because most electric scooters are not allowed on public roads in the...
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Welkom bij StapStep, Step jij legaal met ons mee zonder boete?

Welcome to StapStep, will you step with us without penalty?

We are StapStep, 4 entrepreneurs who have developed the step of the...
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StapStep Nieuws

De StapStep helpt mensen met het Ehlers Danlos Syndroom

The StapStep helps people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

We were recently approached by one of our customers to write a...
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StapStep op het NOS Journaal! Nieuwe regels? Wat kunnen we verwachten in 2023?

StapStep on the NOS Journaal! New rules? What can we expect in 2023?

The StapStep was on the NOS news last week! The youtube channel...
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Is een StapStep duurzaam?

Is a StapStep sustainable?

The electric scooter has become increasingly popular in recent years as a...
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Wordt de elektrische step legaal in 2023?

Will the electric scooter be legal in 2023?

Many of you have the question: Will the electric scooter be legal...
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Nieuwe partnerschap alert! StapStep B.V. en Step Events gaan samenwerken

New partnership alert! StapStep BV and Step Events are going to work together

We are pleased to announce that StapStep BV has partnered with Step...
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De nieuwe StapStep is uit! De legale elektrische step van 2023

The new StapStep is out! The legal electric scooter of 2023

The StapStep Lite+, Pro and Pro+ are the latest additions to the...
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StapStep net geen winnaar in Bright Award: Beste tech van 2022

StapStep just missed out on a winner in Bright Award: Best tech of 2022

To close 2022 well, our friends from RTL Bright presented the show...
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De StapStep rijdt mee met de Elfstepjestocht: Steppen voor het goede doel!

The StapStep rides along with the Elfstepjestocht: Scooters for charity!

Bright presenter Bram van Dijk traveled more than 200 kilometers along the...
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Huur de StapStep en ontdek het prachtige Zeeland!

Rent the StapStep and discover beautiful Zeeland!

You can discover beautiful Zeeland on the StapStep . The legal electric...
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De StapStep racet in Zandvoort!

The StapStep races in Zandvoort!

If you attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort this weekend,...
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Nieuws! StapStep en Vodafone Ziggo gaan de samenwerking aan!

News! StapStep and Vodafone Ziggo are entering into a partnership!

StapStep and Vodafone Ziggo are entering into a partnership! The pace of...
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Geen helmplicht voor de StapStep!

No helmet requirement for the StapStep!

From 1 January 2023, wearing a helmet on scooters and other mopeds...
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240.000 elektrische steps in Nederland

240,000 electric scooters in the Netherlands

There are currently 167,000 illegal electric scooters on the road in the...
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