Wordt de elektrische step legaal in 2023?

Will the electric scooter be legal in 2023?

Many of you have the question: Will the electric scooter be legal in 2023? Of course we had that question too and we got to the bottom of it. First it is useful that you know how it is actually possible that scootering with scooter support is legal.

Cycling with pedal assistance VS scooters with step assistance.

The e-bike has been extremely popular in the Netherlands for several years now. This was still different 10 years ago, but the trend continued and young and old are now purchasing an e-bike. However, the regulations had not yet been adapted to these bicycles. The bicycle contained a motor. As a result, the bicycle fell under the special moped law of the RDW. The government saw this problem getting bigger and decided to implement an amendment to the law: "A motorcycle on a two-wheeler is allowed as long as muscle power must be supplied to move forward". Hence the reason you have to keep pedaling on an e-bike to get assistance. A bicycle where you move forward with only a throttle is still not legal to this day.

The electric scooter has shown the same trend development in recent years as the e-bike 10 years ago. Electric scooters became a huge craze abroad and to this day you can see someone scootering around every day (also in the Netherlands). The Dutch government has decided not to allow the e-step on public roads for safety reasons.

At StapStep we started working with the law that the government has written for two-wheelers. The scooter had no pedals so we quickly figured that out. But there was an alternative: stepping occasionally to get ahead creates muscle power. When you stop stepping, the motor also stops. This has created stepping with step support. This is also the reason that the scooter with step support falls under the law of the e-bike.

LEV Framework 2023

Back to the LEV framework. LEV stands for light electric vehicles. This includes several vehicles, including: e-steps, scooters, but also small electric delivery cars or delivery bicycles. The government is currently implementing a new LEV Framework. The concept can be found on the website of the national government. The proposal is expected to be sent to parliament after the summer of 2023. We at StapStep were of course very curious about what it would contain. After all, stepping with step support is the reason StapStep exists. We briefly explain how the LEV framework works. The e-bike with pedal assistance falls into category 1a. All other LEVs fall into category 1b.

In category 1a: vehicles with step or pedal assistance have the following important characteristics:

  • The LEV does not have to be approved by the RDW before the LEV is allowed on public roads
  • There is no minimum age
  • The power of the motor is up to 250 watts
  • You don't need a license plate
  • You don't need insurance

In Category 1b: All other levs have the following key features:

  • The LEV must first be approved by the RDW before the LEV is allowed on public roads
  • You need a driver's license
  • The minimum age is 16 years
  • You need a license plate
  • You need third-party insurance

The StapStep falls into category 1a due to step support. The other electric scooters (scooters with a throttle) fall under category 1b. Now we notice that potential customers don't always like to add a step every now and then. That is why we started looking for an alternative (a scooter with throttle) so that we can also make these customers happy with an electric scooter.

Approval by RDW

The search began and ended with number 1: Approval by the RDW. The rules and safety requirements that an electric scooter must meet are almost equal to an electric scooter. As a result, we can almost say with certainty that it will be impossible for us, but also for others, to develop a scooter in the price category below € 2000. In addition, the electric scooter that falls into category 1b will look more like a scooter than an e-scooter. This takes away the ease of use. There are currently two electric scooters available on the market that have been approved by the RDW. However, these steps have in common that they are not sold under € 2000.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, no scooters without scooter support

The new LEV Framework 2023 does not change the current regulations regarding electric scooters. In any case, we can say that we are very happy to see the StapStep back in category 1a. As a result, the Netherlands can still enjoy electric scooters on public roads. You have to give a step every 8 seconds, but then you do step!

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