Welkom bij StapStep, Step jij legaal met ons mee zonder boete?

Welcome to StapStep, will you step with us without penalty?

We are StapStep and have developed the scooter of the future!

We also see in large cities abroad, but also in the Netherlands that the electric scooters are a huge hype. In the Netherlands, however, e-scooters are illegal. Many people have the idea that driving an electric scooter is tolerated, but on the contrary. More and more news articles are appearing that fines for driving an e-step cost as much as €400 and are being handed out more and more. StapStep was born out of the need to bring the hype to the Netherlands and to be able to legally pedal electric scooters. The StapStep is the first and only electric scooter that is legally allowed on public roads in the Netherlands. 

After a phase of much preparation, we are now ready to bring our unique product to the market! We started with an extensive market research, then we started developing a prototype. Slowly but surely, this unique project took shape and potential. Especially given the current regulations in the Netherlands. Are you curious how we managed to do this? Then keep following us via the website or on social media. 

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