De nieuwe StapStep is uit! De legale elektrische step van 2023

The new StapStep is out! The legal electric scooter of 2023

The StapStep Lite+, Pro and Pro+ are the latest additions to the StapStep family and offer a unique combination of legality, comfort, extended range and rock-solid design.

The new StapSteps are of course still legal and specially designed to comply with the legislation for electric steps, making them legal to use in the Netherlands. This means that you can use the StapStep Lite+, Pro and Pro+ without fear of fines or other problems with the law.

Comfort is an important aspect of these new StapSteps. The step support ensures that you get less tired while stepping and that the step is suitable for people with different physical conditions. In addition, the scooters are equipped with a comfortable standing position and extra grip, making them easy to control.

Another big advantage of the new StapSteps is the greater range. The StapStep Lite+ has a maximum range of 25 KM, the StapStep Pro has a range of 35 KM and the StapStep Pro+ has a range of 55 KM. This makes the scooters suitable for longer distances and ideal for daily commuting.

In addition, the new StapSteps are also very solid in design. They are made of high quality materials and have been tested for durability. The steps are lightweight and easy to transport due to the foldable design. Moreover, they have a sporty and sleek design, making them a real eye-catcher on the public road.

Finally, the price of the new StapSteps is comparable to the current prices of the StapSteps, which means that you can get a legal, comfortable, efficient and rock solid electric scooter for the same price as any other electric scooter. This makes the new StapSteps Lite, Pro and Pro + a great choice for anyone looking for a responsible and sustainable mode of transportation.

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