StapStep net geen winnaar in Bright Award: Beste tech van 2022

StapStep just missed out on a winner in Bright Award: Best tech of 2022

To close 2022 well, our friends from RTL Bright presented the show 'Bright Awards: the best tech of 2022' on television. In this program, prizes were awarded for good ideas developed in the field of technology in the Netherlands.

There was also a prize for the best LEV idea of ​​2022. StapStep was eligible for this, but unfortunately we just didn't make it. We did get an honorable mention and we were in good shape.

Presenter Bram van Dijk has covered 20 of the 202 kilometers on the StapStep. We are still working on a possible collaboration with Bright for a review, but that will take a while. We will keep you informed!

You can watch the entire program on YouTube:

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