Geen helmplicht voor de StapStep!

No helmet requirement for the StapStep!

From 1 January 2023, wearing a helmet on scooters and other mopeds with a blue license plate will be mandatory. This was recently announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Wearing a helmet applies to light mopeds that can drive a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour. This also includes the well-known shared scooters, such as Felyx and GO sharing. Failure to wear a helmet carries a fine of no less than €100.

Where moped riders and scooters up to 25 km/h will soon have to wear a helmet, this will not apply to e-bikes. This means that you do not have to wear a helmet on the StapStep, because this unique e-step is legally equivalent to an e-bike.

All the more reasons to drive sustainably and switch to the StapStep! Now, instead of taking your scooter to the train, you can take your scooter on the train and scooter the last bit to work! And that too in a sustainable way. Is the regulation still not completely clear? Check out our other blogs or send us an email.

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